Aladdin Costumes (character)

From the scarecrow of street markets to being the great Aladdin there is only one step (and a magic lamp), if not, let them ask the protagonist of the classic story that bears his name, because not all the them were going to be girls, you can also be a fairy tale prince with our Aladdin costumes from the Disney movie or from the classic story that appears in "One Thousand and One Nights".

Aladdin encounters a magic lamp that houses inside a magical Genie who grants wishes. After rubbing the lamp and freeing him, the Genie will grant three wishes that Aladdin will use to become a prince for his beloved, the beautiful, princess Jasmine (in the Disney movie) or Princess Badrulbudur (according to the classic story).

Meanwhile an evil sorcerer (Jafar, in the version of Disney) discovers that Aladdin saves his longed for lamp and will fight with him to get it.

If you want to live adventures like the ones in the story "One Thousand and One Nights" check out our catalog and find the Aladdin costume that you like the most. We have Aladdin fancy dress for children and adults, for your costume, birthday parties or carnival.

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