Miraculous Ladybug Costumes for Children and Adults: Ladybug’s Yo-yo, Mask and Wig

Would you like to turn into the famous heroine of one of the most popular animated series today? You’ll be able to in the blink of an eye with these Miraculous Ladybug costumes! The Miraculous Ladybug and her partner Cat Noir are the superhero personas of teens Marinette and Adrien. Both, however, are hiding this secret from one another. Marinette turns into Ladybug with her kwami’s help, Tikki, and Plagg helps Adrien turn into Cat Noir. Together they live a whole lot of adventures while they work to protect the streets of Paris from the attacks of mysterious villain Hawk Moth. Our Ladybug costume includes Ladybug's blue wig and mask…because being perfectly camouflaged is important to protect your secret identity. Add Ladybug's fun yo-yo and you’ll be ready to turn into a heroine at the cry of “Tikki, spots on!” But, if you’d rather become Ladybug's partner, we have Cat Noir’s costume so you can join Marinette on the rooftops of Paris. Choose your Ladybug and Cat Noir costumes at Funidelia and throw a Miraculous Ladybug party with the most unique Ladybug birthday party decorations.

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