Egyptian costumes for kids, women and men. Pharaoh fancy dress costumes

Pharaoh, Empress,Nefertiti... What Ancient Egyptian character would you like to be? With any of the Egyptian costumes that you can find in our catalogue, you could be anyone you want to be. Get a group of your friends together and at the Carnival get dressed up with Egyptian accessories and suits from Funidelia: white dresses with gold jewelry, brown wigs, sceptres, headbands, Pharaoh make-up with some good eyeliner,...For a family costume, you will also find Egyptian costumes for girls and boys, that will make your kids look better than Tutankamon himself.These Egyptian adult costumes are also very varied, from the most basic suits to Cleopatra's costume, the authentic Queen of the Nile. To complete the repertoire, make sure you include an Egyptian god like Anubis. Grab a Halloween version of this Pharaoh costume, embalmed style, adding some great zombie make-up to your costume... You could even recreate the movie "The Mummy" if you like! These Egyptian costumes are some of favourite costumes in the world. And above all, remember! Walk like an Egyptian!
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