Inflatable Costumes

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be the biggest one at the party? Would you like to experience crowds making room for you? These inflatable costumes are sure to put you at the center of the party! If you’re a fan of the inflatable T-rex costumes that have taken the world by storm with the fun viral videos, you’ll love our selection of inflatable costumes. Browse cartoon characters like Sponge Bob or his friend Patrick, or other anonymous, but hilarious, inflatable versions. What are you waiting for to go big with your costume? Choose your inflatable costume and get blown up!

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Get your inflatable costume and float around at the party. Everyone will want to poke you!

Sumo wrestler costumes are the perfect embodiment of inflatable costumes, and so is Santa Claus! Our inflatable Santa costume is an original alternative that is sure to delight and surprise little ones at Christmas. Inflatable costumes are also a great idea for Halloween. You may not look scary, but you’ll sure be a fun addition at any event. Can you imagine a giant skeleton or a funny pumpkin floating around at the party? In this section, you’ll also find naughty inflatable costumes that are perfect for a bachelor, bachelorette or costume party.