Opposuits & Original Suits

Dare with these Opposuits and original outfits from Funidelia and you will discover the most elegant way of dressing up for the most special occasions! You will find a wide variety of colourful outfits, fun outfits, and very original patterned outfits for men. Certainly, wearing one of these Opposuits to a costume party will make you the king. They are the outfits of the future! Original and fun outfits, more elegant than just a costume, since the jacket, trousers and tie are also included. Because having a good time doesn't mean you cannot be stylish. There are different colours and patterned Opposuits for every occasion: red, pink, orange... with pumpkins for Halloween, with snow men for the winter, with palm trees for the summer and even with your favourite superhero symbol. Discover the most original and fun costume at Funidelia.

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