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Has your owl lost your Hogwarts admission letter? Don't worry the world is not ending! Because with the Harry Potter merchandise you will find at Funidelia you will feel like a real student at the best School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the world. If you know a real potterhead we have the most original and spectacular Harry Potter gifts to give to a true fan of this magical saga. Would you go crazy to try casting spells with a Harry Potter wand? Would you like a Hogwarts mug for your meetings with butter beer? Have you thought of putting on a Harry Potter T-Shirt with some of your favourite characters? Do you have a Gryffindor tunic in the dry cleaners and don't know what to put on meanwhile? Have you dreamed of wearing a Harry Potter scarf to your next quidditch match? You are in luck because we have the most complete Harry Potter merchandise in the magical world! So start preparing your wishlist and noting down the Harry Potter gifts you have always dreamed about. You will need a bigger wardrobe to hold them all so... Engorgio!

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No one will ever think you are a muggle again when they see you with the most original Harry Potter merchandise. If you need Harry Potter things to give as gifts we have a load of them that will be simply delightful for anyone that is a fan of J.K Rowling's magical universe. You can grab Elder's wand to convert yourself into Gellert Grindelwald, drink a firewhiskey in one of our Harry Potter jugs and mugs, dress up like a quidditch fanatic with the coolest Harry Potter T-Shirts, wrap up well for the winter with an authentic Gryffindor scarf or even decorate the bookshelves in your home with the most exclusive Harry Potter Funko Pop!. We have the most exclusive Harry Potter merchandise and if you don't believe it ... you can give us a bit of Veritaserum to be sure that we are not lying to you.