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If like Yoda you are one of those who backwards speaks, or if you have called your child Lucas, if a lack of faith is annoying to you, or if you would prefer to kiss a wookie before a blind deserve one of our Star Wars gifts. We have the biggest Star Wars merchandise collection on this side of the outer rim of the galaxy. At Funidelia you will find the geekiest and most original Star Wars shirts with characters from all the episodes (and Star Wars stories), bathrobes to dry you off after a shower, lamps so that there is never a dark side in your bedroom and Star Wars jackets and hoodies with and without hoods to be in style when you go to the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. If you want to give a present to that friend of yours that is a Star Wars superfan and you are looking for the perfect Star Wars gift or if you want to treat yourself and buy a Funko Star Wars to add to your collection, you will love our Star Wars merchandise selection. Let yourself be seduced by the power of our Star Wars gifts!

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The most original Star Wars presents from the outer rim of the galaxy

If you get palpitations every time you hear someone breathe deeply, if when you travel by airplane you lean the chair back to be able to reach hyperspeed or if you also think that Han shot first, you need someone to give you a Star Wars present because you are an authentic fan of the most famous galactic saga of all time. At Funidelia you will find the best selection of Star Wars merchandise and gifts for adults and children: Star Wars T-Shirts, mugs, rucksacks, bathrobes, lamps, socks, key chains, Star Wars hoodies and even Star Wars Funko dolls. Take a look at our website, choose the Star Wars gift you have always wanted and let yourself be taken by "the dark side of the geek". So as you know this Star Wars merchandise is what you have been looking for!