Cruella De Vil Costumes

Evil, really evil, but with style and fur coats. If you are the nightmare of puppies, step up with the Cruella De Vil costumes.

Her fur coats, long cigarette and black and white hair, give her away. Cruella de Vil is the greatest nightmare of the Dalmatians and one of the most terrible characters out of all the tales.

A very wealthy and extremely thin woman so fixated on fur clothing. Along with the 101 Dalmatians, Cruella de Vil is the protagonist and villain of the classic novel by Dodie Smith.

Find a great variety of Cruella de Vil costumes in our catalogue with which you will be the most fancy (and perverse) of the party. If you prefer to make a Cruella de Vil homemade fancy dress (but without animal skin, please), you can complete it with a black and white wig or some other accessories that improve the look. We have costumes for all, with sexy versions and also Disney's Cruella de Vil disguises based on the Disney version (with white coat, red gloves and black tight dress) or based on the folk tale.

Enjoy a perverse night with a unique look. Our Cruella de Vil costumes for adults are the perfect idea for Carnival, a fancy dress party or even Halloween.
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