Moana Costume for a girl

Dress up as the new Disney princess Moana with these new Polynesian style Moana costumes.

In the Disney film, Moana is the brave 16-year-old daughter of the tribe chief (Tui) who lives in the stunning and wild islands of ancient South Pacific (Oceania). Although her father forbids her to sail in deep waters, Moana's curiosity makes her go into the immensity of the ocean to live exciting adventures with her pig Pua and the funny rooster Heihei. During her trip she meets the demigod Maui, who with his powerful magical hook helps her face sea creatures from the ancient folklore.

The Moana costume includes a top in orange and red colors with tribal prints, along with a straw skirt with a Polynesian style fabric in white, cream and light brown. Moana also loves to wear her amazing brunette curls, which she adorns with a colorful flower.

In Funidelia you will discover a wide selection of Moana and Maui costumes for children with which the youngest can play and develop their imagination.

If you want to hit one of the most desired gifts among the young ones, do not hesitate to buy now the Moana's Disney fancy dress and don't stop the adventure!
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