Rapunzel costumes

Turn into this princess with the longest messy hair thanks to these amazing Rapunzel costumes.

Out of all the girls costumes you'll find at Funidelia, Rapunzel's fancy dress stands out because of her long messy blonde hair. The original story says that her hair is that long so that the prince could use it to climb up to the highest part of the castle where the princess was being held as prisoner. But we would like to ask, how did both of them get back down afterwards?
Don't worry if your little one has short hair, with a Rapunzel wig and the oficial Disney costume from the Tangled movie, she will be able to turn into her favourite long haired princess.

If your daughter is set on wearing a Rapunzel dress to the party she has been invited to, why wait to give it to her as a gift? We have many costumes of the main Disney princess from the Tangled movie and Rapunzel costumes based on the Grimm brothers classic tale so that she can choose the one that she likes the most.

Mum, daughter (and, why not dad?) you can all go in matching costumes as a family.

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