Graduation Cap

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of your course and you’ve graduated! If you’re finishing school, college, vocational training or university, you need to immortalize it - you deserve it! And the end of year photos with all the students in their graduation caps are essential. Graduation caps are a kind of black hat with a round base and a square shaped top. And, crowning the graduation cap, you definitely need the tassel which hangs from the top. You can also create your own graduate costume. A unique option for carnival or any costume party. All you need is a blazer or black waistcoat, a white shirt and, if you want, a tie or bow tie. And, of course, the finishing touch - a graduation cap to complete the graduate look. You could opt for a black tunic which is worn over your suit, with a white collar and tie. Pick the one you prefer! Pay tribute to yourself and enjoy your graduation. But don’t forget to get a photo with your graduation cap, so you can give it to all your family, and so your parents and grandparents can proudly show off their child or grandchild. And of course, don’t forget the final part of the graduation ceremony - throwing your cap in the air to symbolize the end of an amazing era!
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