Minecraft Mugs

Are you a Minecraft fan? Do you need a lot of coffee to get through long hours of gameplay? Now at Funidelia you can combine both with these Minecraft mugs! Perfect for fans of this famous game of blocks.  Minecraft is a game based on blocks, characters and pixelated objects. The objective is to build things with the materials you have. You can also play with your friends in your own very worlds, called Realms. If you’re a fan of this “world of blocks” then you’re going to love our cube shaped Minecraft mugs, made to look like the blocks in the game. As well as other unique models, like the Creeper mug or the TNT mug, we’ve also got mugs featuring some of the main characters in the game, like Zombie villager, Skeleton Horse, or Zombie Pigman. There are loads of geeky mugs for you to choose from! If you're looking for a gift for a Minecraft fan, take a look at Funidelia’s selection of Minecraft merchandise. From mugs, keychains, plush toys and backpacks that you can take with you wherever you go!

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