Minecraft Plush Toys and Dolls

The softest pixelated world ever. Immerse yourself in the game in the best possible way, with these Minecraft dolls and plush toys. You’ll never stop stroking them! These plush toys are the perfect surprise for any fan of the game and one more thing they can add to their collection. Minecraft is a game based on blocks and made up of pixelated objects. The aim is to use objects to build an infinite world, in a place where two worlds are never the same. As you progress in the game you’ll come up against different characters, some good and some bad- like skeletons and zombies. You can also play the game in worlds created by you and your friends, called “realms". The Minecraft plush toys that you’ll find here at Funidelia include legendary characters from the game, like creepers, pigs, wolves, snow golems, zombie pigman, skeletons, zombies and Enderman (a dark creature measuring three blocks in height with long arms and legs). These fun and unique geeky plush toys come in all different sizes. If you’re looking for a great gift, then this could be just what you're after. And if you still haven’t visited our Minecraft merchandise section... Watch out! You’re going to want everything!


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