Minecraft Purses & Wallets

If you play in this Minecraft world of blocks you know how hard it is to mine gold ore, so you keep your nuggets and ingots safe. So, why would you not do the same with your real life savings? Funidelia is proud to bring you these Minecraft purses and wallets, fit for the most passionate gamers in this creative cubic universe. These purses and wallets are the perfect gift, and useful for any fan who loves Minecraft merchandise. Made from faux-leather or nylon, each has a different and unusual finish. From the most eye catching to the more discrete, they feature: swords, pickaxes, earth, shields and slogans. And if you think you won’t find a Creeper, think again. We have two different kinds- with two or three sections. Discover completely original designs so you simply and easily store your personal documents, credit cards, notes and change - all wrapped in the very best of Minecraft! No zombie will dare come near what you’re keeping inside. Come take a look at Funidelia's geeky purses and wallets. Grab your pickaxe and your redstone reserves, and get your hands on the Minecraft purse you've always wanted.


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