Rick & Morty Caps

Once you see one of the Rick and Morty caps we have here at Funidelia, you’ll want them all. Just like the first time you heard the catchy rhythm of “Get Schwifty”, you won’t be able to stop thinking about these amazing geeky caps. We’ve got all kinds of caps, with all the different Rick expressions and the most popular characters in the series. From "Wubba lubba dub-dub" and "Riggity Riggity Wrecked", to Pickle Rick and Mr. Meeseeks. We’ve got Rick and Morty caps in both kids sizes and adult sizes, baseball cap styles and flat capped styles. And don’t miss the cap made to look like Rick's fabulous hairdo!   All our unique caps come in fun designs featuring the most insane grandpa and grandson of the series. And if you came here to buy a gift for a fan of the series, you may well end up with one too. If you’re a fan, take a look at our complete catalogue of Rick and Morty merchandise and turn your room into a replica of the Smith household.


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