The Purge Masks

“This is your emergency Broadcast System, this is your emergency Broadcast System” announcing the best The Purge masks, authorized by the government. Did you hear that? The siren has sounded and that means you can go running to buy your new The Purge mask! At Funidelia we’ve got the best masks for spending a night of fear in pure Purge style. From the face of Abe Lincoln to Uncle Sam, to the most terrifying “Kiss me”. With our The Purge masks you’ll be the centre of attention wherever you go. They look just like the masks that appear in the film and series The Purge, and their realism will terrify everyone who walks by you. You can combine them with some spray fake blood as make-up to create the most terrifying Halloween costume. Plus, these accessories are perfect for Halloween, Carnival, or any costume party. With one of our The Purge masks you’ll become the star of any costume party, we’ve even got them with lights on. Yep, you read that right - with lights! With one of our Purge masks on you’ll look like you just came out of one of the horrifying films from this critically acclaimed saga.
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