Mermaid Costumes for Girls & Women

If you've always dreamed of living adventures out at sea, you will now be able to with our stunning mermaid costumes! Get ready to swim like a fish! These mermaid costumes will turn you into an authentic Atlantis beauty, with different colored skirts ending in an illusion fishtail and lots of sequins and glitter. Browse corsets, bikinis, tulle t-shirts and long wigs to complete your look. Youโ€™ll also find everything you need to recreate your own Little Mermaid costume, just the way you like it. Legend has it that mermaids were half-fish half-woman creatures that lived in the sea and lured sailors with their songs, so these mermaid costumes for girls and women are also perfect for Halloween. Whether youโ€™re looking for girlsโ€™ or womenโ€™s costumes for the next Carnival or costume party, weโ€™re sure youโ€™ll find the best siren costumes in our animal costume section. What are you waiting for?
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