80s & 90s: Pop Music Wigs

80s fashion revolutionised the way we dress, and accessories and hairstyles were the perfect accompaniment to the outfits of the era. So, we’ve prepared the best collection of 80s wigs. Volume, hairspray, more volume, more hairspray! The most important thing about hairstyles in this era was the volume, whether you had short hair, curly hair or straight hair, you needed backcombing, hairspray and lift. We’re offering you the perfect solution - with our 80s wigs you won’t need to buy multiple bottles of hairspray to keep your hair full of volume. We’ve got loads of 80s wigs: curly, straight, backcombed, blonde, brown... We’ve got something for everyone! There will be no disco pop music you can’t dance to with your unruly locks. Or perhaps your thing is more 80s rock, like Guns n’ Roses, we’ve also got the best 80s rock looks, with more daring cuts so you can become any of your favourite 80s artists. George Michael, Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica… You can become anyone you want because at Funidelia we’ve got all the hairstyles of the 80s with our 80s wigs. Become the king or queen of pop with our eighties wigs, frizzy hair has never been so much fun!

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