Boba Fett Costumes

Do you love everything about Star Wars, even the characters in a supporting role? Then check out these Boba Fett costumes! Boba Fett is the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. As any good mercenary would, he sells his services to the highest bidder and helps Darth Vader stop the Rebel Alliance. He even captures Han Solo to have him frozen in carbonite. Both Boba and Jango, his father, play supporting roles in the Star Wars saga, and we think they steal the spotlight! The Boba Fett costume features a gray jumpsuit with yellow shoulder and knee pads, an armor like the ones the Mandalorians wore and a helmet like Darth Vader’s, but with a T-shaped visor. Boba’s helmet is one of our favorite in Star Wars. For the next costume party, get a friend to put on a Han Solo costume and pretend that you have captured him to hand over to Jabba the Hutt. Decide if you want to chase or be chased, and then choose the Star Wars costume for your favorite character!
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