Minecraft Backpacks

If you’re obsessed with the pixelated world of Minecraft and like to take blocks with you wherever you go, then you definitely need one of our Minecraft backpacks. You’ll love taking any of these geeky backpacks with you to class, or on your next trip. Pick your favourite Minecraft backpack - perhaps one featuring your favourite character or object in the game. If your backpack is always fit to burst, then we’re sure you’ll love these Creeper backpacks in green. Also in green, we’ve got Miner’s Society backpacks. If you like to mine materials, then a pickaxe or sword backpack is perfect for you. Or if you're someone who likes to install mod after mod, then we recommend one of our Minecraft "mobs" backpacks. We’re sure you’ll love all these videogame backpacks, but if not we’ve also got loads of other Minecraft merchandise and gifts available. Whether you want to give yourself a treat or buy a gift for a Minecraft fan, come take a look. Grab your pickaxe and backpack!


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