Pirates Bandanas and Scarves

Arrr, pirate! Keep hold of that headscarf, the waves are coming! Don’t stop sailing the seas and immerse yourself in the pirate life with an authentic pirate headscarf. Any of these headscarves will protect you as you sail the seven seas, and will give you as much luck as Jack Sparrow on his crazy adventures. We’ve got headscarves and bandanas in red and black, the most piratey colours there are, and you can always combine it with a pirates hat on top. And, of course, a good fake beard and a pirate look is important for sailing the seven seas. Draw your sword and your most adventurous spirit and become a true pirate. Perfect for any party when you’re not sure what to dress up as, or for an evening of fun with some friends. The moment you choose from Funidelia we take care of kitting you out with the best pirate headscarves, so your pirate costume will be complete. Become a fun-loving, party-going pirate - you know that pirates love taverns. Put on your most piratey outfit and get ready to sing the best pirate songs. Enjoy your pirate headscarf and remember... A pirates life is the best life!

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