Spanish Hats

We’ll say hi while clapping and tapping our feet, because the Andalusian art of Flamenco has landed at Funidelia in the form of these Spanish hats. There’s no better accessory to add to a Flamenco outfit or Sevillian costume. Don’t go unnoticed at the next Feria de Abril. A flamenco hat is perfect for any costume party, whether you want to go as a true Cordovan or a flamenco dancer. The Cordovan hat is the most internationally renowned Spanish hat. Made from felt, it consists of a wide, flat brim and a low, cylindrical crown.  Tap your feet and sing Sevillanas with these Cordovan hats. Pick the design you like the most, and which goes best with your outfit or costume. You can find our designs in red or black. You can also find models for women with a bow and rose, so you can become a real flamenco dancer. Get ready to enjoy the ferias and flamenco parties with these Cordovan flamenco hats. Let the Andalusian art course through your body... Olééééé!
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