Marvel© costumes for adults and kids

If you like comics, you will fall in love with these Marvel costumes. That's a Funidelia promise! The Marvel universe brings us a wide selection of superhero and villain costumes and each of these has its corresponding costume. Which is your favourite Marvel costume? You have loads of Marvel costumes for men, women and kids to choose from: a Captain America costume, Spiderman costume with his spider mask, the muscular Hulk, Deadpool, Thor, Iron Man, the Black Widow, Wolverine, Hawk Eye... All of the Avengers characters! There are Marvel costumes for all ages! What's more, to finish off your Marvel costume and took make it even cooler, at Funidelia you will find the matching accessories so that you can look like an authentic superhero from the big screen or from the comics. A Thor costume will not complete without his hammer "Mjolnir", nor would a Captain America costume without his star sword made of "vibranium". It's a good job that we also have superhero masks because if not, everyone would recognise you when you put on Spiderman's tight suit. Everything you need to be a Marvel superhero is at Funidelia. Choose your favourite Marvel comic character and enjoy the superhero party while you save the world with your friends!
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