Frozen Pencil Cases

If your kids like to draw snowmen, then they'll love our Frozen pencil cases. Use it to store all the materials they need to draw or paint their favourite Disney characters. Weโ€™ve got Frozen pencil cases with zips, cases to store all their colouring pencils in, pencil cases with various compartments for the most organised people, and even 3D pencil cases that make it look as if Anna and Elsa are coming to life. You can also find matching Frozen school supplies, so your little one feels like the most hard-working student in all of Arendelle. But if your kids would prefer different characters on their school supplies, donโ€™t worry, because weโ€™ve got loads more stationery featuring other characters: Mickey Mouse, superheroes like Batman and Spiderman, as well as their favourite cartoon characters like Ladybug, or the puppies from Paw Patrol.
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