Chicken, Hen & Rooster Costumes

Welcome to Funidelia's farm! Step in and discover the best chicken costume, hen costume, and rooster costume to become the star of any animal costume party. With these "Made by Funidelia" costumes, you'll enjoy an original outfit, full of details, comfortable, and designed for any special occasion.

We have chicken costume for kids and adults with all the necessary accessories to make your chick costume the most original. And if you are dressing up as a couple, you can wear a chicken costume and a hen costume. You will be "egg-ceptional"!

But if you've ever thought of becoming the boss of the coop, now you can do so with Funidelia's rooster costume. Enjoy slipping into your rooster costume's long legs and sporting an original comb. Get your "Cock-a-doodle-doo" ready!
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